Eliminate ID3 tag information from music files


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This program can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in Windows > Audio software > Audio organizers > ID3 Tag Editors.

ID3 tags are information attached to music files, telling you the album title and other stuff too. You may never notice them, and they can be useful. It can be irritating, however, if there's a mistake in them.

ID3KILL will take any folder of music files, find ID3 tags and eliminate them. It will also clean up M3U playlists, which is really useful if you're importing a folder to iTunes and don't want the tracks duplicated.

ID3KILL is good at removing these tags, but offers no way to re-write them, which is unfortunate. It is useful for removing old versions of tags though, and it is very quick, lightweight and efficient. ID3KILL is also really small, and doesn't require installation, so it won't have any impact on your system performance and can be ran from a USB drive.

While it is pretty basic, if you want to remove ID3 tags from your music files this is a really easy way to to do it, making ID3KILL a useful tool for people cleaning up their digital music collections.




User reviews about ID3KILL

  • by Anonymous

    I would download it but....
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  • by Anonymous

    doesn't seem to do anything.
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